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Consumer Complaints Against ACHC Accredited Organizations

* * *  If this is a case of immediate life-threatening jeopardy, please contact  911 * * *

Our Policy:

ACHC will document and investigate all complaints received against our currently accredited organizations(Anonymous complaints will not be accepted for DMEPOS, Sleep, and Pharmacy.)  The purpose of the investigation process is to determine whether organizations complained against are in breach of either ACHC accreditation standards or applicable Medicare Conditions of Participation (COPs).  If violations cannot be confirmed, ACHC has no authority to take further action.  If the complaint involves possible abuse, neglect, or exploitation of a child or disabled adult, unprofessional conduct, or noncompliances with state or federal laws, ACHC will notify the appropriate regulatory authority.  ACHC does not have jurisdiction in labor relations issues or the individual clinical management of a patient.

It is our policy to treat your name as confidential and not disclose it to any other party. While under investigation by ACHC, a complaint is a confidential matter.  However, ACHC cannot guarantee complainants that their identity will remain confidential if the organization determines the identity based on their own internal methods/investigation.

Our Process:

We recommend that you contact the organization and address your issues with the organization first so they have an opportunity to follow their own complaint resolution process.  Please note that you may find contact details for the organization’s complaint process in your customer care/welcome/patient intake packet or original documentation.

Consumer complaints may be communicated to ACHC via mail, telephone, e-mail, facsimile, in person, or through our website.  We request that you complete our Complaint Intake Form so that we may obtain all relevant details about the nature of your complaint.

  • Click HERE to access Complaint Intake Form:   Home Health, Hospice, and Private Duty
  • Click HERE to access Complaint Intake Form:   DMEPOS, Sleep, and Pharmacy


Please be aware that we will require the following types of information on this form: 

    1. 1. Patient/client name
    2. 2. Name of complainant, including address and phone number (anonymous complaints will not be accepted for DMEPOS, Sleep and Pharmacy)
    3. 3. Place of event(s)
    4. 4. Name of witnesses, staff, and others involved
    5. 5. Reason for occurrence
    6. 6. Other corrective actions you have already initiated
    7. 7. Expected remedy or resolution

For further information, you may contact ACHC toll-free at (855) 937-2242 or 919-785-1214 and request the Complaints Department.


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