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How Does The Federal Government Shutdown Affect Your Accreditation?

With the extensive media coverage focused on the federal government shudown, ACHC wants to make you aware of how this may affect your organization. The shutdown has resulted in many CMS Regional Office (RO) employees being furloughed and that may impact some Home Health and Hospice providers seeking deemed status accreditation with ACHC. Applications may still be processed, but it should be anticipated that the time to complete these may vary by region, depending on staffing and workloads.
ACHC Deemed Status Process:
  • • ACHC conducts on-site survey.
  • • ACHC submits our findings and recommendation for deemed status to the CMS Regional Offices.
  • • CMS RO determines whether or not to accept ACHC’s recommendation.
  • • Once approved, the organization is accepted into the Medicare program.
It should be noted that State licensure functions and enforcement activities are not constrained by the federal government shutdown.
The following Medicare Survey & Certification Programs are NOT affected:
  • • Medicare Survey and Certification Programs including:
    • • CLIA – Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments
    • • Background Check National Program
    • • Critical infrastructure and performance contracts
  • • Essential Medicare Activities including:
    • • Complaint Investigations Alleging Harm
    • • Certain Federal Enforcement Actions resulting from complaint investigations
    • • Revisit Surveys Approved by Exception and Necessary to Prevent Termination
    • • Immediate Threats to Life or Safety
The following Medicare Survey & Certification Programs ARE affected:
  • • Standard Surveys
  • • Certain Revisit Surveys
  • • Initial Surveys
  • • Initial Certification via Deemed Status
  • • Validation Surveys
  • • Complaint Investigations that do not allege immediate jeopardy or actual harm
  • • Patient Safety Initiative (PSI) Pilot Surveys
  • • MDS or OASIS activities except those necessary to maintain provider reporting
  • • Informed Dispute Resolutions (IDRs)
  • • New Civil Money Penalty-Funded Improvement Projects  
CMS will provide additional communication and instructions with regard to any special provisions that are appropriate for survey and certification activities if the federal government shutdown continues more than a few weeks.
Click here to read the following memo from CMS that provides information on survey and certification activities during the government shutdown.  As always, your ACHC Accreditation Advisor is available to answer all of your questions. Call (855) YES-ACHC.                            

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