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An outpatient service, Integrated Care Service (ICS) is the combination of behavioral health care and physical health care provided at a single site.  There are three basic models of Integrated Care:

a.   Co-locating a behavioral health qualified clinician within a primary health care site;

b.   Co-locating a qualified health care clinician within a behavioral health care setting; and

c.   A fully integrated practice site, where physical health and behavioral health professionals share the same service site, have common systems (e.g., scheduling, medical records management, billing, etc.), regular face-to-face meetings, mutual consultation, and integrated treatment plans.

Services provided within the integrated care setting may include: mental health, substance abuse and health screenings; assessments; psychiatric consultation; physical health consultation; education; diet/nutrition counseling; care coordination; brief psychotherapy or substance abuse interventions; medication management; referral and follow-up.

Primary health care ICS practices address at least one specific behavioral health issue (e.g., depression, anxiety, etc.) within the population served.  Behavioral health ICS practices address at least one physical health condition (etc., diabetes, obesity, etc.) within the population served.

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Behavioral Health Testimonials

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  • "Participating in the beta testing of the new behavioral health standards with ACHC allowed us to evaluate our own program and ensure it provides the highest level of patient care. We were honored to participate."

    Elizabeth (Beth) Gregory, RN,CNS, PhD
    Chronic Care Program Manager, Behavioral Health
    Amedisys Inc.

  • "In developing the Behavioral Health standards, we are utilizing the same philosophies that we ascribed to in developing all of our other service standards: ensuring they are focused on the service recipient and that they are relevant, realistic and written in easily understood language."


    Britt Welch
    ACHC Behavioral Health Clinical Manager

  • "Working with the professionals at ACHC, Inc. on the beta test has been a pure pleasure! Their behavioral health standards are uniquely suited to the modern practice of public mental health and community mental health, and I am excited about our upcoming site visit later this month. Going through these standards in preparation for the site visit has already resulted in improvement." 

    Bill Persinger, Jr., MA
    Executive Director
    Mental Health Center of East Central Kansas
  • "ACHC appeals to us because of the combination of the kinds of accreditation they do.  One provider can get multiple levels of accreditation from one organization."

    David Swann, CEO
    Crossroads Behavioral Health - MCO
  • "There is an expectation that the organizations (ACHC) accredits are teaching people how to manage their own lives, as opposed to maintaining them in the community.  That's an important distinction because, if you look at the programs that are successful in helping people, they believe that people can and will recover."

    Carl Noyes, CDO
    Retrospect Consulting Group

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