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Hospice Accreditation:

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ACHC prides itself in being a leader for Hospice Accreditation. See all of ACHC's Hospice Accreditation services below.

Hospice Care Services (HSP)

Hospice Care services provide care for terminally ill patients in their place of residence. End of life care involves an interdisciplinary approach to meet physical, psychosocial, spiritual, and emotional needs of the patient and/or family, as well as the palliation of symptoms related to the terminal illness.

Hospice Inpatient Care (HIC)

Hospice Inpatient Care is provided directly by the hospice personnel at a facility owned/operated by the hospice (e.g, Hospice House). HIC does not include facilities in which care is provided by contract. The level of care provided can be general inpatient, residential, or respite. If general inpatient or respite care is provided, there must be a nurse on duty 24/7. End of life care involves a multidisciplinary approach to provide physical, psychosocial, spiritual, and emotional needs of the patient and/or family, as well as general medical care and palliation of symptoms.

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Hospice Testimonials

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  • “I would be willing to share our experience with ACHC, as it has been very positive”

    Hospice of Randolph County
    Asheboro, NC
  • "Our Surveyors were thorough, intelligent, and informative. They were very helpful in explaining findings as well as allowing opportunity for us to produce the required information. We did not feel they were here to look for problems but to help us become a better hospice."

    Niagara Hospice, Inc.

  • "I want to express that our experience with ACHC has been exceptional and the information, advice as well as guidance demonstrates true quality.  We have worked well with all ACHC associates and desire to continue to attain true success. The survey was good and the two associate surveyors provided good insight and performance scales to enhance the service of our program…the process was extremely thorough and well collaborated!"

    Hospice in the Pines
    Lufkin, TX

  • "It was an absolute pleasure to work with ACHC. The surveyors were so gracious and awesome. They both were very kind and informative. Their approach positively welcomed us to participate in the survey. Our staff members were very anxious with the survey practice initially and trying to escape from it. But it was totally opposite to what we expected out of a survey. The whole process went with ease because of the surveyor’s approach. My Account Advisor corresponded frequently with me.  I’m extremely satisfied with your service and absolutely recommend your people to other industry associates. It was a delight to work with ACHC."

    Amedisys Hospice, L.L.C. 
  • “My experience with the survey was very positive. Sheryl, Julie, and Janice were very professional and knowledgeable during the survey process.  The surveyors promoted an environment of ease and encouragement during the survey. They praised the operations of our agency and were very helpful and positive in discussing ways to improve our processes. Thanks to the ACHC team for exceeding my expectations.  I look forward to a partnership for years.”

    Forrest General Home Care and Hospice
  • "WOW! We can’t thank you enough. We have never had such congenial, knowledgeable and gracious surveyors in our years and years of having other accreditors. We just finished our first day-end conference – and I’m happy to say that I’m going to sleep very well tonight! Words are not enough to express our deepest gratitude to you."

    Laura Reyher, BSN, RN, Director
    BSA Home Care and Hospice

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