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  • "We found ACHC was the preferred choice because of their experience in specialty pharmacy (SP), relevant standards as it relates to SP, and the approachability and willingness to assist Axium in our success for accreditation. ACHC exceeded Axium’s expectation in the area of providing timely feedback, professional mentoring and partnership."

    Axium Healthcare Pharmacy, Inc.

  • "The Surveyors were great with best practice suggestions and education to better our company. They answered all of our questions and then some. This was a great educational experience.  It really made us take a look at our processes and focus on areas we need to improve, and showed us what a great job that we do here at Sirona.  We learned a lot from the surveyors while on site. We gained valuable experience going forward and being the best Home Infusion Pharmacy in Arizona”

    Sirona Infusion

  • “The experience we have had with ACHC has been positive. We have learned a lot of information from the surveyor and feel confident moving forward. Our surveyor was very professional and very informative throughout our survey."

    Danielson Pharmacy
  • “Great experience overall. Amazing guidance and direction given by the entire ACHC staff.  We were pointed in the right direction at each step and the staff worked with us under the most incredible of time lines.  I have had few, if any, experiences where I have been more impressed.”

    Sorkin's Rx, Ltd.
    Lake Success, NY
  • "Everyone at our company has nothing but positive remarks following the survey and felt advice was extremely beneficial.  Thanks again for the refreshing approach to the accreditation process.” 

    Williams Bros. Health Care Pharmacy
  • "We are very, very pleased with ACHC and all of its reps. We would recommend you highly to many others in the industry! You could really tell our surveyor is in the business & was real hands-on. It's a living breathing business and he treated us with respect and courtesy. We felt we could use many of his suggestions and tips. He was very open, positive and upbeat. We are proud to be accredited by you."

    First Call Pharmacy, LLC

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