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Private Duty Accreditation:

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ACHC prides itself in being a leader for Private Duty Accreditation. See ACHC's Private Duty Accreditation services below.

Private Duty Nursing (PDN)

PDN services are usually provided either hourly or by shift and are covered by various payors, but not Medicare. Services can be provided by a Registered Nurse (RN), Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN).

Private Duty Aide (PDA)

PDA services encompass hands-on personal care provided by a Nursing Assistant or certified Home Health Aide (HHA) including personal care services.

Private Duty Companion/Homemaker (PDC)

PDC services are provided hourly or by shift. This service is a “non-hands-on” service and does not require a clinician to supervise.

Private Duty Infusion Nursing (PDIN)

Infusion Nursing services involves the administration of parenteral medications via various accesses and ports by a licensed Nurse or pharmacist, as allowed by state regulations, specifically trained in these specialized services. This service can be provided in a variety of settings.

Private Duty Occupational Therapy (PDOT)

Occupational Therapy services are provided by a licensed Occupational Therapist or Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA) for services such as upper body strength training, improving range of motion skills, and provision of a home exercise program. COTAs are supervised by an OT.

Private Duty Physical Therapy (PDPT)

Physical Therapy services are provided by a licensed Physical Therapist (PT) or Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA) for services such as gait training, strength training and range of motion exercise programs. Physical Therapy Assistants are supervised by a PT.

Private Duty Speech Therapy (PDST)

Speech Therapy services are provided by a licensed Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) for services such as improving swallowing, cognition, and speaking.

Private Duty Medical Social Services (PDSW)

Medical Social Services that are provided by a qualified Medical Social Worker or a Social Worker Assistant under the supervision of a qualified Medical Social Worker. These services include resolving social or emotional problems and assisting with community resource needs.

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Private Duty Testimonials

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  • "I was so glad that I picked your company as our accrediting agency. We could not have asked for more kindness, expertise and advice from your surveyor Susan. Your company is blessed to have her. Thank you for the opportunity and I look forward for our next accreditation for Private Duty and Hospice."

    St. Gregory Healthcare Services

  • “Our agency has improved our organization, our quality improvement plan and our daily operations as a result of recommendations and teachings.  I shared our agency's experiences with other healthcare providers.  When they chose ACHC, they thanked me.”

    Granville-Vance Home Health Agency

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