Our Surveyor’s wealth of knowledge was second to none. I was given clear, concise advice on how to go forward, and why I needed to do it, and what the positive result would come from it.  That’s what this process should be about and I commend him and ACHC for that approach."

Allcare Medical Supply Corp.

DMEPOS Accreditation

Educational Survey Approach

Recognized Leader in DMEPOS Accreditation

As a recognized leader in DMEPOS accreditation with CMS deeming authority, ACHC offers an educational survey approach with standards that were written with direct input from clinical staff and industry experts.


By achieving ACHC accreditation, DMEPOS providers demonstrate their commitment to providing the highest-quality service and products through compliance with national regulations and industry best practices.


ACHC’s Transition Program makes it easy for DMEPOS providers accredited with another organization to switch to ACHC. Our simple, four-step process allows you to transition at any point during your accreditation cycle.

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ACHC's accreditation process is designed to help you quickly and easily achieve accreditation:


ACHC's nationally recognized services include:

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ACHC's nationally recognized services include:

  • Home/Durable Medical Equipment

    Home/Durable Medical Equipment services include the delivery, setup and/or maintenance of medical equipment and/or oxygen, as well as education regarding the use of the equipment.

  • Clinical Respiratory Care Services (CRCS) 

    Clinical Respiratory Care Services include ongoing, hands-on client/patient care that may include an assessment, treatment, disease management, and/or education of a respiratory condition. These services are provided by licensed Respiratory Care Practitioners (RCPs), Respiratory Therapists, or appropriate licensed professionals.

  • Medical Service Provider (MSP) 

    Medical Supply Provider services include the storage and delivery of medical supplies designed to meet the client’s/patient’s needs in the home care setting.  Supplies are generally disposable or semi-durable and prescribed by a physician.

  • Complex Rehabilitation & Assistive Technology Supplier (RTS) 

    Complex Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology Supplier services include the application of enabling technology systems designed to meet the needs of a specific person experiencing any permanent or long-term loss or abnormality of physical or anatomical structure or function. The equipment prescribed by a physician primarily addresses wheeled mobility, seating and alternative positioning, ambulation support, environmental control, augmented communication, and other assistance the patient needs to perform daily living activities.

  • Fitter (FS) 

    Fitter services include orthotic/prosthetic fitting of a variety of products such as diabetic shoes, soft orthotic appliances, and post-mastectomy breast prostheses.

  • Community Retail (CR) 

    Community Retail services are provided in retail stores that sell prescription medications and commonly used durable medical equipment and supplies to the consumer.

  • Community Retail with Diabetic Shoes (CRDS) 

    Community Retail with Diabetic Shoes services are provided in retail stores that sell prescription medications and commonly used durable medical equipment and supplies to the consumer with the addition of providing diabetic shoes.