Preparing for Accreditation

ACHC is committed to partnering with healthcare organizations throughout the accreditation process, offering support before, during, and after the on-site survey. Preparing your organization for accreditation provides the opportunity to conduct a comprehensive review of your business as it relates to the accreditation standards, and enables you to identify any gaps in compliance and make necessary adjustments.


Need assistance preparing for ACHC Accreditation? Accreditation University can help with a full suite of educational resources! Choose from personalized consulting solutions, program-specific workshops, or compliance tools. You can also view our resources tab on the homepage.

Achieving ACHC Accreditation

ACHC’s streamlined process is designed to help you quickly and easily achieve accreditation while enhancing business operations and patient care. Our entire organization is committed to helping you achieve your goals.

Accreditation Made Simple

Ready to apply for new or renewal accreditation? Log on Customer Central to start your application!

Maintaining Accreditation

Although the accreditation survey occurs once every three years, your accredited status represents continuous compliance with ACHC Accreditation Standards. By maintaining compliance with these standards, your organization will benefit from operational efficiencies, deliver consistently high-quality patient care, and be prepared for the renewal process. Log in to Customer Central for tools to help your organization maintain ongoing compliance throughout the accreditation cycle.

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Step 1: Create a Customer Central account/download standards

Step 2: Submit application and deposit

Step 3: Sign Accreditation Agreement

Step 4: Submit PER Checklist indicating your readiness*

Step 5: Participate in an on-site survey

Step 6: Receive your accreditation decision

*For initial applicants only