ACHC Complaints Policy:

ACHC will document and investigate all complaints received against our currently accredited organizations or against ACHC. Complaints may be submitted to ACHC via mail, phone, email, fax, in person, or online. ACHC regards all complaints as confidential and it is our policy to protect your name. However, it may become necessary to reveal your identity in order to validate your complaint.

For more information on ACHC’s complaint process, please contact ACHC’s Complaints Department at (855) 937-2242.

Complaints Against ACHC-Accredited Organizations

First, attempt to resolve any issues with the provider in question. If that is unsuccessful, please contact ACHC. We will investigate to determine whether the organization in question is in breach of either ACHC Accreditation Standards or applicable Medicare Conditions of Participation (CoPs).  If the complaint involves possible abuse, neglect or exploitation, unprofessional conduct, or noncompliance with state or federal laws, ACHC will notify the appropriate regulatory authority.


If violations cannot be confirmed, ACHC has no authority to take further action.  ACHC does not have jurisdiction in labor relations issues, payments, billing or contracts with third-party payors (Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medicare/Medicaid, etc.).

Please complete our Complaint Intake Form so that we may obtain all relevant details about the nature of your complaint.



Complaints against ACHC

ACHC strives to deliver services as promised and the best possible experience to each and every customer. If at any time we fail to meet your expectations, please don’t hesitate to let us know. You may call us at (855) 937-2242 or use the form below. We will contact you upon receipt.

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