As a recognized leader in pharmacy compliance, ACHC offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that align with the individual services provided by pharmacies.


Our network of licensed pharmacist Surveyors utilize an educational approach to provide a comprehensive assessment of the organization designed to enhance business operations while ensuring compliance.


By achieving ACHC Accreditation, pharmacies are able to demonstrate their commitment to providing the highest-quality service through compliance with national regulations and industry best practices.


We are committed to providing you with the best possible experience before, during, and after accreditation.

A close look at the value of Pharmacy Accreditation

We found ACHC was the preferred choice because of their experience in specialty pharmacy, relevant standards as they relate to specialty pharmacy, and the approachability and willingness to assist Axium in our success for accreditation. ACHC exceeded Axium's expectation in the area of providing timely feedback, professional mentoring, and partnership."

Axium healthcare pharmacy, inc.

Accreditation Made Simple

ACHC's accreditation process is designed to help you quickly and easily achieve accreditation:

Pharmacy Accreditation Services

ACHC's nationally recognized services include:

*The provider must have ACHC Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation to earn a distinction in Rare Diseases and Orphan Drugs, Oncology, Infectious Disease Specific to HIV, or Hazardous Drug Handling. To earn a Distinction in Nutrition Support, the provider must have ACHC Infusion Pharmacy Accreditation.


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